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Full Length Play
Originally created as a street theatre piece, Calliope was expanded to a full length play for a long and successful run in Boston. (A touching and very amusing portrait of character…You will recognize them all from some personal fantasy. – Pat Harper , WBZ TV) Several more productions have followed including runs in New York, Charleston, and Vermont. The play was inspired by a particular moment in the film The King of Hearts when six vulnerable and desperate characters stumble upon the fantasies of their dreams and live them out in front of an audience. Calliope has delighted hundreds of audiences.


Full Length Play
After the mysterious death of their parents, young Rebecca and Susan are sent to live with their Aunt Margaret and Uncle Richard in the very same house where their parents died. Barbara, a governess for the girls, comes to the house and immediately notices the strangeness if the situation. Things only get stranger in the house when a lullaby and footsteps can be heard from the forbidden upstairs. A figure in the night comes into the girls' room and steals Susan's doll. Could it be their strange Uncle Edward or something else entirely? What secrets is the seemingly sweet Aunt Margaret keeping? ...

The Fool's Lear

Full Length Play
Originally produced by New York’s Nomad Theatrical, The Fool’s Lear was premiered at PURE Theatre in Charleston, SC and reprised for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The production toured to Baltimore, Raleigh, and Ashville and was subsequently produced at the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble in New York. The Fool’s Lear explores the world between the scenes of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” but it does not rely on foreknowledge of the play. It is a story of fathers and children, aging and death, and the folly of all those who think they rule their own lives. It is about the end of power and the end of life as lived by a clown, whether that clown is a fool or a king.