Featured Plays

Here are a few of our favorite plays


Originally created as a street theatre piece, Calliope was expanded to a full length play for a long and successful run in Boston. (A touching and very amusing portrait of character…You will recognize them all from some personal fantasy. – Pat Harper , WBZ TV) Several more productions have followed including runs in New York, Charleston, and Vermont. The play was inspired by a particular moment in the film The King of Hearts when six vulnerable and desperate characters stumble upon the fantasies of their dreams and live them out in front of an audience. Calliope has delighted hundreds of audiences.

The Fool's Lear

“A madcap romp…the imaginatively constructed and consummately acted play uses language that is of Shakespeare but is not in any way a duplication of the words of the Bard- including a series of puns, riddles, and double-entendres…..The moments of drama are no less expertly handled, the scenes of Lear’s descent into madness more searing in contrast, or the fatal flaw in the character of the great man bringing about his own destruction and death more true to Shakespeare’s vision. Trust me: you have never seen anything like this and you never will again.”
-Carol Furtwangler in Charleston Today


“Playmates, by Randy Neale, is simply the scariest play ever written. It is not ironic. It doesn’t read scary; but consider that most scenes are bed-time – little girls alone and vulnerable – and inexplicable stuff happens. The end of act one shocks the audience and they know that they are outside their comfort zone and anything can happen. The last 20 minutes of act two builds to shock – horror – and unexpected violence. This is an unusual play to produce and works especially well with a high school audience.”
-Richard Currie, Artistic Director, Brown Ledge Theatre (The Brown Ledge Theatre has mounted productions of Playmates in 1980,87, 94, 2001, and 2009.)